Pilot, Jazz Pianist, Entrepreneur, Cocktail/WineEnthusiast (drinking them at least), Volleyball Player, Extrovert, Big Dreamer. 

Tyler by age 23 has excelled in environments ranging from barista to business banker. Starting off with a love for aviation he pursued piloting fixed wing aircraft and soloing airplanes before even legally driving a car. Only a few years later he had become the youngest business banker for the largest Colorado credit union. Being taught early that relationships and work ethic are the most potent way to get from one goal to the next, Tyler began networking and mentoring with individuals ranging from successful lawyers, award winning school teachers, recording musicians, and e-commerce millionaires. 

He lives by the motto: "always try to be the youngest, dumbest guy in the room." This principle has opened doors to multiple businesses as well as unique perspective that has allowed him to have international business by age 22. Today Tyler continues to work closely with highly successful individuals to grow his companies and skills as well as coaching other businesses and individuals in entrepreneurship, automation, and streamlining of existing business models.

"Your life is an occasion. Rise to it."