Smart Home. Smarter Way.

Chances are that if you have ever wanted to upgrade your home (or maybe you already started with a few gadgets and gizmos) you've run into the issue of actually setting it up. "Plug and Play" turns into and all day DIY filled with YouTube videos and frustration. Don't worry, we can take you from point A to B.



Making it all work together

A major headache is just finding the devices that all work together and won't require you having 12 different apps, 3 hubs, and a host of new switches and gadgetry that defeats the whole purpose of an automated home. We've done the work for you and use exclusive brands and products that integrate fully and simply into your life. We utilizing automation services to make your home adapt to you not vise versa.

No Assembly Required. Really.

Plug and Play. Sounds simple enough but ironically just like that 28 speed brand new road bicycle that you bought last year to start training for your first race, your "quick and easy" to setup smart home gadgets are probably gathering more dust than data. We get you back on track and free up your time from reading tutorials, programming, and automating the devices. Now you can have the time to go put on the helmet and get to training for that race? (or not... There's that new bar down the road to try too...)

Buttons, Gadgets, and Gizmos! Oh my!

You want a smart-home, not a new chore. Don't let the overwhelming functionality of smart devices create new problems you didn't even know you had, such as trying to adjust the porch light to orange whenever your team score a touchdown. While these functions are fun, the goal here isn't to have to find your phone, and play button flipper every time you want to open your garage door or adjust the A/C. We'll help get your home truly automated so it is custom and integrated to your life, rather than the other way around. 

  • A/C that tracks your schedule, when you're away/home, adjusts according to outside weather, and even your sleep schedule. 
  • Lights that follow you and adjust to your activity. That hallway light really should know when you're coming home carry 12 bags of groceries and trying to navigate over Rover's chew toys in pitch black.
  • No Buttons, No Apps. Voice and Routines
    • With Alexa Integration your devices can be controlled by simply telling your home what you want. 
    • Even more impressive is automated routines and setting that will adjust to your activity and schedule. Movie night: Dim lights, music off, TV on, Cell phone silenced.