Features Overview

Remember when you personally inspected and replaced all of the water pipes from your home to cities water supply? Probably not, it's impractical.  Yet, most of us go right sink whenever we need to quench our thirst. What comes out is (hopefully) clear, at least mostly... You can ignore the little small floating bits though right? Don't worry the chlorine and other chemicals kill off the major stuff, at least enough for it to pass inspection.... Or, what if instead you confidently could take that next sip knowing that you and your family would be safe from 99.99% of chemicals and contaminants that even your utilities company calls "good enough"? With the number rated home water filtration system on the market you and your family fill that next glass with clean, clear, lead/chlorine/etc free water.


Carbon Filter

Treating up to 5,000 gallons per year, the carbon filter traps particles 300% Smaller than the width of a human hair. No more "floaties"!


UV Filter

Treat your water without chemicals. With the UV light filter. With 80 Millijoules per square centimeter, the UV filter treats up to 140 potential health-affecting contaminants in your water.